When you come to university, you’ll have a lot of unique experiences and make endless memories you’ll remember forever. As with most students, you’ll end up going on many different nights out.

Some of these nights will be the best in your life and others – not so much. But no matter what, all students are set to experience at least a handful of certain nights which are pretty much a right of passage.

To learn what these nights are, read on to find out.

The Library All Nighter

pulling an all nighter in the library

Let’s get this one out of the way. Unfortunately, all students end up pulling an all-nighter in the library at least once during their studies. This night happens when you realise last minute that there’s an important deadline due the next day and you haven’t even started.

It’s a night packed with vending machine food, energy drinks and endless books surrounding your laptop. The moment you finish and hit that ‘submit’ button will be one of the most euphoric moments of your uni experience and you get to spend the rest of the day in bed recovering.

The Almost Night Out

This night will happen more often as you advance through your uni years, but the almost night out can still be as fun as a raging party. They all start the same, you’ve invited friends around, pre-drinks and flowing and music is blaring.

But at some point through the night, momentum slows (and maybe everyone gets too drunk too fast) and you decide to stay in for the night and just carry on the night at home on the sofa.

The Terrible Club Night


You’ve seen it advertised all across campus, reps have been promising how wild this party will be, the hype is real. You get some friends together, dress up nice and you’re on the bus to the club.

But once you arrive, you’re the only people there. The music is terrible, the DJ is terrible and the drinks are too expensive. You’re at the Terrible Night Club. Everyone ends up in a rubbish club at some point, wondering why on earth they agreed to come. Just move onto the next one and carry on the night in style.

The Best Night Ever

Luckily, there are a lot of amazing nights out you’ll have at university and at some point, you’ll have the Best Night Ever. This is one where everything goes right. The drinks are good, the company is good, the venue is good, and everyone is having a great time. You just want to carry on the night forever,

This tends to be the night that seems endless and you hop from venue to venue. By the end of the night (which is usually by early morning), all you want are some cheesy chips and to fall back to bed after an exhausting but amazing night.

The Emotional Night

try to carry on the night in style even if it's an emotional night

It happens to everyone at some point and we’d all rather forget they ever happened. The Emotional Night is one where everyone seems to drink too much at the party and emotions run too high.

Someone will end up crying, someone will get mad, someone will be sick and someone else will be too drunk to care. There will be tears and there will be arguments, most likely over something so small. It’s all part and parcel of the emotional night. By the time you get home and sober up, you’ll be sending and receiving the “i’m sorry xx” texts and everyone will be feeling very silly.

These Are 5 Nights You’ll Have During University

If you’re wondering what to expect from your nights out during university, these are just 5 that you are sure to experience. Not every night out will be an amazing party and not all of them will be terrible. As long as you have a good attitude about it, you’ll be sure to have an amazing time throughout them all.

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