You may have a deadline coming up, which means only one thing – hours upon hours in the library. Soon enough you’ll be spending more time at the library you’ll be needing to pay rent. Also, with spending too much time at the library you’re bound to get peckish and want a snack. 

It’s important to take the right snacks with you. If you just constantly eat chocolate bars for that surge of energy, you’ll end up having a sugar crash and feel more tired than you already did. 

This article on the 5 best study snacks is to counteract that impending sugar crash. You can snack away without feeling too ill.


Granola Bars


Filled with oats, nuts, honey and other natural ingredients all in a compact size. These healthy bars can give you the sugar boost required for a long study session, without making you feel too guilty for eating them. As well providing you with that sweet chocolatey fix.


Dark Chocolate


If granola bars don’t cut your chocolate fix, try dark chocolate instead. Filled with Iron, Potassium, Magnesium and more antioxidants than some fruits. You can stay focused on your assignments whilst enjoying that chocolatey snack. 




Crisps are one of the most snacked on foods during exam season. Spending hours studying Psychology books can really trigger a craving for something salty. Instead, opt for something lighter like popcorn. With fewer calories, popcorn won’t bloat you as much as crisps will.




If you’re someone who doesn’t particularly have a sweet or savoury tooth, why not go for fruit. Obviously, you don’t need me to tell you essential fruit are to your diet and all the nutritional value. They’re still the cheapest and healthiest snack you can find too.


Veggies and Hummus Dip


Healthy, tasty and cheap snack that you can find along with any meal deal. Likewise, with fruit, vegetables such as carrots, celery, peppers and cucumber are essential to your diet. They pair perfectly with hummus too.


These are 5 of the Best Study Snacks


These are all snacks that you can eat for when you are studying that could actually be good for you!

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