Want to learn about the many Newcastle areas? Here is our guide for newcomers to the city


Newcastle is one of the most popular cities in the UK for students and visitors alike. There is so much to do and discover. Even though it is a relatively compact city, different areas of the city have a distinct feel and identity to them.

Read on to find out more about different parts of the city, what there is to do there, and what living in each of them is like. Here’ the Newcastle areas guide.

City Centre


Newcastle city centre is the heart of the city. There is always something going on. Choose from world-class shopping along Northumberland Street, a match at St James’ Park, or drinks along the Quayside next to the iconic Tyne Bridge. This is the beating economic, cultural and social heart of the city.

Many students also choose to live in the City Centre, close to Newcastle and Northumbria universities. Bear in mind that you’ll be paying extra to live in the city centre in a lot of cases.




Jesmond is the obvious choice for most students, as it’s near to the middle of town, a nice area to live and there’s a lot to do in terms of shopping, eating out and drinking. Spend your free time in one of the many coffee shops or even the bars of Osborne road.

You’ll hardly need to leave Jesmond, except for the odd lecture or night out. One thing to consider though is that rents are generally higher in Jesmond due to its proximity to the city centre and it is considered a ‘nicer’ neighbourhood to live in.




Heaton is another popular area for students, with just as much going on as Jesmond, with rents generally being cheaper too. Check out the pubs and restaurants along Chillingham ‘Chilli’ road or take a walk in Heaton Park. Heaton is ideal for those who find Jesmond a bit too hectic. It’s still close enough to the city centre for you to be able to walk or get the bus into uni.


Sandyford and Shieldfield


Sandyford is also a great choice, being close to both Northumbria and Newcastle universities, the city centre, as well as Jesmond. Rents here are also a lot less than Jesmond, with the added benefit of being close to everything. Shieldfield, just next to Sandyford, is a great area to consider too. 

There is plenty to do nearby. There is also a lot of student accommodation to choose from in Shieldfield.



Fenham is a hidden gem for those who are on a budget, it’s just to the west of the city centre and probably has some of the most affordable rents in the city. This area of Newcastle isn’t as studenty as some of the other areas we’ve covered in this article. There is plenty of local amenities nearby as well as good transport links into the city centre.

So now you know the Newcastle areas, so you should be able to travel around the city now with relative ease.
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