Renowned for its nightlife, the best student bars in Newcastle are some of the best in the country. The city of Trebles Bars; you can dance the night away without creating too much of a dent into your bank account. But if you prefer a quieter night out at a laid-back pub or a fancy cocktail bar, Newcastle has got you covered. 

With some of the best student bars and pubs you’ll find. Read on to find out from a student in Newcastle:

Bars and Pubs

drinking at one of the best student bars in newcastle


Northumbria University’s very own pub within their student’s union. Perfect for when you need that post exam pint for you and your classmates can discuss over. A popular rendezvous point too for societies to meet up and start their social events. Also be sure check Habita out when it’s the karaoke night. A sure-fire way to have a fun time.

The Hancock

Although Newcastle University does have its own student’s union bar – Luther’s – The Hancock pub acts at their de facto watering hole. With loads of student discounts on their drinks. The Hancock really know how to cater to their main customers – students.

Five Swans

If you’re coming to study in the UK, one chain of pubs you will really get to know is Wetherspoons or just “spoons” for short. Offering their typical brand of cheap but good drinks and food its perfect for students. The Five Swans is no different. Especially so considering it’s situated right in between both Newcastle and Northumbria University. You’ll end up taking a trip here once or twice or maybe more.  

Nancy Bordello’s

Situated right in the heart of all the student accommodation in the popular Shieldfield area. Nancy’s Bordello with its kitsch inspired décor, places a greater emphasis on its cocktails. Serving some uniquely original cocktails that you get at a cheaper rate with a student card and during happy hour. Meaning you’re not burning too much of a hole in your wallet whilst slurping on some funky cocktails.

The Tyne Bar

The perfect choice for when the sun is out. Right at the mouth of Ouseburn River overlooking the River Tyne and it’s famous bridges, The Tyne Bar has a more laidback atmosphere. Serving some best craft beer and ale the region has to offer. Furthermore, with it being in Ouseburn, you’re just a walking distance away from exploring the famous Ouseburn Valley. A creative hub full of independent café’s, restaurants, bars and gig venues – The Tyne Bar being one of them.  

Late Night Bars and Clubs

partying in on the best student bars in newcastle

With Newcastle being the home to many clubs, too many to mention. They’re also not too far from each other.

Soho Rooms

Soho Rooms, being one of the aforementioned treble bars, is a popular choice for students. Open most nights and always busy. It’s perfect for you and your flatmates to go to for a late night out option. Being on the Diamond strip too, so you’re a short walk away from other clubs such as House of Smith, Greys Club and Perdu if you fancy going somewhere else.


Probably the biggest and most famous club in Newcastle. A favourite for touring DJ’s to visit when they’re in Newcastle and other events. Located at Times Square near the Life Centre, Digital is a popular choice if you want to experience the Newcastle late night life.

Student Bars in Newcastle and Nightlife

I hope this gives you a clearer idea of what Newcastle’s nightlife it like. Be sure to click the links on each subheading and check out their websites. Want to know more of Newcastle has to offer? Check our blog post on the best day trips Newcastle has to offer.

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