Hundreds of thousands of international students enrolling to a UK university each year. Business and Administrative Studies is by far the most popular choice of subject area. Over 125,000 international students enrolled onto a course of this subject in 2017- 18.

If you’re one of the many deciding to do a business degree in the UK this year, it might be a good idea to stand out from the crowd. Every year The Complete University Guide publish the rankings of each university by subject. Here are the 5 best UK Business schools.


5) King’s College London


Scoring an Overall Score of 97.4. King’s College London, located in the capital, has slipped down from ranked 2 in 2019. However, it scores well for graduate prospects with 84.7. So, you’re very likely to find a graduate-level job as soon as you graduate from here. 


3=) Loughborough University


Scoring an Overall Score of 97.7. Loughborough University is huge 440-acre university located right in the middle of the UK. Loughborough really puts an emphasis on student satisfaction and acts as its own village. It’s also a university that is increasingly improving in its rankings not just in Business Studies but overall. Consistently in the top 10 in the last 4 years.


3=) University of Exeter


Also scoring an Overall Score of 97.7. The University of Exeter, located in the South-West of England, impressively jumped up from rank 9 to 3rd from last year to this year. Clearly doing something right. Also scoring an 85.5 in Graduate Prospects, you’ll not have too much of a struggle landing a graduate job getting a degree from here.

2) University of Bath


This university scores 98.6 in Business and Management Studies. The University of Bath has consistently been in the top 5 for this subject area and even reaching number 1 in 2016. Graduate employers will sure to be impressed with attaining a business degree from here.


1) University of St Andrews


With an impressive score of the maximum 100. The University of St Andrews located in Fife, Scotland is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. It’s also ranked 1 the last 4 years running for Business and Management. You’d really stand out from the crowd with a business degree from here.

Top 5 Best UK Business Schools


Here are the highest-ranked UK universities to study Business and Management degree. Don’t be too worried if you don’t enrol to any of these universities. The UK boasts the best business schools in the world and shouldn’t have too much of a problem landing a graduate job. Check here for tips on getting a graduate job from our very own founder. 

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