One of the first things you might do when you’ve moved into your student flat after you’ve unpacked is sit down, chill out and turn the TV on. Here you’ll come across British TV, maybe even for the first time. Also, with some of the quintessentially British now available to stream on box set on-demand you’ll have hours of TV to watch.

With on-demand TV sites such as BBC iPlayer, 4oD and ITV Player you can have access to some of the most popular shows in the UK. Just a quick reminder though, don’t forget to pay your TV licence or you could face a serious fine.


If you’re struggling to understand British humour then check out this show. Uniquely shot in a point-of-view perspective, you really get to know each character well. You’ll feel the cringe along with characters of the socially awkward Mark or the irresponsible Jeremy. All in the trademark British awkward humour.


Another comedy following four male college students in a coming of age story. Featuring classic stories of trying to impress girls but failing miserably and getting themselves in awkward but hilarious situations. This is a show where most British people can relate to quite well, from each of the characters to some of the funny storylines.


It’s a hugely popular show about baking. Why’s it so popular you ask? Because it’s strangely captivating seeing people create these impressive cakes. There are stakes, as contestants get voted off the show each episode. These contestants are just everyday people who have a passion for baking and it’s fun to watch. You’re likely to have a conversation with someone about this show.


Another show that everyone talks about. Each year a group of people live in a villa on a hot island for a month, coupling up with each other. If you like reality shows, then you’ll probably like this one too.


If you’re a fan of football, then this show will be perfect for you. Every week, ex-professional players such as Gary Lineker host the weekly round-up of all the Premier League games into fun highlights. So even if you missed your team play one week you can catch it here.


Here are some of the Most Popular British TV Shows


The UK is home to arguably the best television in the world and there’s plenty of it. If you prefer dramas then check out shows like Peaky Blinders, Luther and Sherlock. Just again, remember to pay your TV licence.


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