University is a time to party, socialise, explore your newfound independence  – oh and study of course. But there are some challenges every student faces during university.

Everyone experiences these challenges at some point or another, whether it’s in your first or final year. But we all get through it and learn lessons along the way. 

If you want to be prepared for these challenges, read on for the 5 most common.

Getting Used to Your New Life

It’s exciting to get your new freedom when you move to university – you don’t live with your parents anymore and you’re free to do what you want. But it can be challenging to adjust to it.

It can be even more confusing when it seems like everyone else around you is having the time of their lives, but you aren’t. But don’t worry, it’s an adjustment period and everyone goes through it at some point. Try to integrate into your new life and throw yourself into new hobbies to make your new surroundings feel like home.

Struggling with Money

Finances are a big concern for most students and it can be stressful trying to manage them properly. You’re suddenly responsible for all your own payments and keeping track of them can be tough, especially when there’s so much to do.

Come up with a budget plan and try to put some money into a savings account and give yourself a weekly allowance so you aren’t caught out when rent is due. It could also be a good idea to get a part-time job to help you through your studies.

Feeling Homesick

Whether you’re studying abroad or staying in your home country, everyone gets homesick sometimes. Whether you miss your family, pets, friends or even just your old hangout spots, it can leave you feeling sad.

But there are lots of great ways to overcome the feeling of homesickness. Get out there and make new friends in your city, go to local events and decorate your student accommodation to make it feel homely. In no time you’ll feel much better.

Managing Your Time

At university, you’re responsible for your own time management and this can be difficult to stick to. It’s up to you and you alone to make it to all your classes, and you might have clubs and societies to attend on top of that. Throw in social events or even a job on top of that, and it can become overwhelming

Try to keep a calendar that will help keep you on track, and don’t take on too much at once. Stick to doing what you can and make sure that your classes and lectures are a priority – they’re the whole reason you’re there in the first place.

Making New Friends

For some, coming to university and making new friends comes easily and it might seem like everyone finds their friend groups instantly. If you’re struggling to make new friends, you aren’t alone.

You’ll find that most friendships made within the initial weeks and months of university don’t last, and the valuable friendships come later. Make sure to talk to your flatmates and coursemates, and join clubs outside of classes. Push yourself to socialise and before long you’ll find your tribe.

These are Some of the Biggest Challenges You’ll Face at University

University isn’t always easy and there are always challenges to overcome. But if you’re prepared for some of the biggest challenges, you can overcome them in no time.

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