Want to know the cheapest cities to live in the UK as a student? Our guide


Each and every year, hundreds of thousands of young people make the move to university, and head off to the city for the first time. The UK is home to some of the best universities in the world and is also home to some great student-friendly cities.

As you will know, some cities in the UK are better than others for students. The ideal student city for many is one that is cheap enough for you to be able to live well, not worry about money, and focus on your studies.


Lincoln is a fantastic city for students, with a compact city centre, plenty of things to do, as well as plenty of houses and apartments for students to choose from. The city is also a cheap place to live, with public transport being cheap and plentiful. The weekly rent in Lincoln is one of the cheapest in the UK, with a weekly rent of £118.80.

Picture of Lincoln, one of the cheapest UK student cities
Picture of Cardiff, one of the cheapest UK student cities

The home of Wales’ only Russell Group university, Cardiff is another one of the cheapest cities in the UK to live in. Cheap public transport makes getting around easy. On average, the capital city of Wales has a low weekly rent of £114.19, making it a very affordable place to live as a student.


Newcastle is a fantastic city for students to live in. Not only is it one of the friendliest cities in the country, but the nightlife is also fantastic, especially for students. The compact city centre means that you won’t have to spend much on getting around.

On average, a weekly rent in the toon comes in at £117.93, combined with the cheap cost of living, makes it one of the most affordable places in the UK for students to live in.

Image of the river tyne on article Best sights in Newcastle

These are some of the cheapest cities to live in the UK as a student


Now you some of the cheapest cities to live in the UK as a student, you can spend some time finding your accommodation that you will live in when you get to Uni. Here at Studyflats, we can help.  Check out the student accommodation which we have to offer in near your University.


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