Want to take some day trips from Bristol? Here's our guide


Bristol is one of the most vibrant and thriving cities in the UK for students. In fact, it was voted as being one of the best places to live if you’re under 26. Voters looked at a variety of factors, including rent, transportation, mental health, music events, sports facilities, and 4G strength. Pretty good right? Not to mention that the city has an amazing arts and cultural scene. 

No doubt you’ll be wanting to move to Bristol very soon after hearing all of that. And whilst the city has plenty of you to see and do, there is so much just a short drive or train journey away. Bristol is ideally located to visit loads of great places. 

Read on for our best picks for day trips from Bristol.



The historic Roman city of Bath is only a short train journey away from Bristol, millions flock to this historic city each year to visit the Roman baths and spa. Make sure that you’re one of them. There’s so much more to explore beyond the Roman heart of the city, however, immerse yourself in the city’s thriving cafe culture and soak up the sun.

Image of bath estuary on day trips from bristol

Weston Super-Mare

Image of horse and cart on weston super mare beach on day trips from bristol

The historic seaside town on Weston-super-mare is only a half hour train journey away from Bristol, and is ideal for those seeking a classic seaside resort experience. Walk on the pier, stroll along the beach, and on sunny days, even do a spot of sunbathing! If you visit in the summer, be sure to grab yourself an ice cream and sit along the promenade. There’s also the Weston Sand Sculpture Festival, which takes place on the beach each summer.



Located a bit further away from the others, with a train journey taking approximately two hours, Malvern is the ideal place to explore if you have a couple of days to spend there. This medieval town is a great place for history buffs to stroll amongst. Be sure to visit St. Ann’s Well and the Holy Well and take some of the waters that made this small part of Worcestershire so famous.

Image from malvern hills in malvern on day trips from bristol

These are some day trips from Bristol that you might want to take


Do these travel destinations make you want to make Bristol your new home even more? If the answer to that question was yes, then be sure to find your next place in Bristol via our website.

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