International student and moving to Uni? Here's some examples of difficulties for international students studying abroad


Although coming to the UK and starting your study abroad experience is an exciting prospect for many, some find the change to be harder than most. With a change as big as this, there is bound to be at least a few little teething troubles, especially when you first arrive in the UK. We take a look at some of the most common difficulties for international students, and what you can do to overcome them.



Of course, wherever you go away, and you’re away from your friends and family for a while, you’re going to feel a bit homesick. But international students will often be away from home for months, even years at a time. Make sure you bring a bit of home with you, bring some mementos from home, cook some of your favourite foods, and keep in contact with those back home on a regular basis.

Language Barriers


The language barrier is something that almost every international student, even if they feel that their language skills are up to scratch. You’ll find that a lot of native speakers will be very understanding if you struggle a little bit. Also, a lot of universities will offer language support and tuition, so make sure that you use it!

Culture Shock


The world is a diverse and interesting place, no two parts of the world are quite the same, and that’s great. Sometimes, however, it can get a little overwhelming. Make sure you don’t suffer from culture shock. Make sure that you know as much about the place that you will soon be living, and I mean EVERYTHING, the culture, customs and more. Know what to expect, and you can be best placed to overcome this culture shock, as well as any additional difficulties for international students.

These were some examples of difficulties for international students


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