Dressing for winter weather in the UK can be tricky that often means there are a lot of wet days ahead of us. But British weather is like nothing else in the world, so you have to be prepared for quite literally any weather event. Too often, if you haven’t checked the weather, you’ll leave the house on a cold and miserable morning, layered up, only for the sun to come out leaving you sweltering in the heat. 

Don’t be caught out. Here is our guide to make sure that you dress for winter weather in the UK effectively.

Keep yourself dry

With the UK being so wet at this time of year, it’s essential that you have clothes and accessories that will keep you dry no matter what. Start with investing in a decent umbrella. You might think that spending £1 on an umbrella might seem like a bargain, but too often it’s a false economy. You’ll find yourself putting it in the bin after a couple of uses. Save money and reduce waste by buying better. When it comes to a coat, look for something that is warm and shower resistant, that you can wear day and night. You don’t want to be cold and wet. You probably don’t want to buy a really thick and heavy coat, especially with the weather being so unpredictable. At the same time look for something that will take the chill away a bit. 

Those suede trainers you wore all summer were great for those drier days, but with the weather changing, you need to think about wearing something a bit more waterproof. Wellies are probably a bit excessive at this point, unless you’re hoping for a whiteout of a winter. Think about wearing some waterproof or leather trainers, and try not to step in any puddles whilst you are out and about. Go for simple and timeless styles, something you could wear morning, noon and night.

Keep yourself warm

You will also need to cater for your legs at winter. On warmer days, jeans and leggings will probably be fine. If the cold is starting to bite, leave the gym gear or tights at home. Thicker warmer trousers will be what you need to wear. In these situations, trousers made out of materials like corduroy are your friends. Corduroy is great at helping you keep warm, as well as look good during winter in the UK.

Now that we’ve got you covered with rain-resistant outerwear, it’s time to turn our attention to layers. Layering up is a great way to keep warm, and to tailor your outfit to best suit the weather. Sometimes a t-shirt and jacket is all you need. On colder days, think about wearing a sweatshirt, jumper or a hoodie over the top. If you get too hot when you get inside, you can always take it off. It’ll take a bit of trial and error until you work out how much to wear on certain days. But once you’ve got this nailed you’ll be ready to face everything mother nature has to throw at you.

Keep yourself warm and dry, and dress for winter weather in the UK

So, now you know how to prepare yourself for Winter in the UK. Stay safe and stay warm this Winter. Looking to find accommodation in the UK? Visit our website for more. 

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