While your degree is a key part of your CV, nothing beats the value of extracurricular activities on your professional profile. Fortunately many of these activities can not only be rewarding but also be entertaining and centred to your personal interests. 

Here’s a list of possible activities that can improve your CV while you’re a student at University:


1) Start or join a society

This is a good start as you can easily base it on what interests you as a person. Whether it relates to your degree, a sport that you’re fan of or a subject that you’ve always been interested in, the options are vast.

The best place to start is your University’s Students’ Union. If the society you’re looking for is not there, then you might want to consider starting it yourself. This can be a good thing to mention on your CV, as you develop certain skills through your tasks as a society President or Founder.

Alternatively, you can also see if any roles are available in current societies and try to join them as a committee member.


2) Volunteer

Volunteer experience can be positive for your professional profile. This is something that employers favour as it demonstrates commitment and determination to pursue activities outside your comfort zone.

If you’re not sure where to start, the Careers Service section of your University should be able to help you identify available volunteer roles. You can also look at websites such as Do-it, which list volunteer opportunities along with contact details.


3) Start a project

Have a passion for entrepreneurship ? Have you always had an idea that you wanted to develop into a real product ? You can use your time at University as an opportunity to develop a product/service that you’ve always been keen about. 

Obviously you have to make sure that you know your educational and career priorities; but this can be a good way to apply your knowledge to a practical project without actually starting a business. Entrepreneurship skills have always been a positive attribute from many  employers’ perspectives.


4) Land a part-time job

You can find out about available part-time jobs for students through your University as a first step. Sometimes these jobs can be within the Universities themselves, giving you the chance to make valuable contacts and gain work experience. This also has the benefit of giving you extra money.


If you’re an international student, check out our article on tips about securing a job after graduating from University.




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