Want funding as a British student studying abroad? Here's our guide


Studying abroad is a great opportunity for any student, and can have a massive positive impact on your studies, as well as your future career prospects. Studying abroad is also a massive undertaking, especially financially. Whilst many of you will probably be covered by student loans and grants, it’s good to know that there is also plenty of funding for British students studying abroad. 

Unsure of what sources of funding or scholarships are out there for you to apply for? Be sure to read on for our guide to funding for British students studying abroad.


This is a great scholarship for anyone who is wishing to teach English as a second language or to just go on to teaching, the Anglo-Tefl Scholarship will help you go far. Get 120 hours of accredited TEFL English language teacher training and then spend 3 weeks abroad gaining some fantastic practical experience. Not only are you getting paid to work whilst studying abroad, but you’ll be able to work almost anywhere in the world.


You’ve probably heard of the Erasmus scheme, allowing students around Europe to study abroad in other parts of Europe, but there is also some funding attached to the scheme. Whilst this funding may not be around for much longer, depending upon the outcome of Brexit, it’s still good to know it’s out there. 

Any student taking part in an Erasmus scheme with a partner institution is eligible for an Erasmus Scholarship. Your university will normally be responsible for issuing these scholarships.


Global study awards are some of the most generous scholarship awards out there, it is worth up to £10,000 Applicants must be able to demonstrate the potential to contribute to society through their studies; a strong commitment to developing their career; a sincere interest in increasing intercultural understanding and exchange. 

Unlike the rest of them on this list, the Global Study Awards are open to students from across the globe.

These are some ways of getting funding as a British student studying abroad


Need support while studying abroad? Here at Studyflats, we can help.  Contact us via our help page.

There are many little difficulties studying abroad, but with our homesickness article, you can manage better.

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