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Frequently Asked Questions about finding student accommodation as an international students

Using StudyFlats

We work with landlords and private student halls and list trusted properties on our platform. We do not manage any properties and our key focus is on helping students find their perfect next home.¬†We’ll be there to help you through every step.

Our vision is to be a free personal service that gives students, especially international students complete peace of mind.

StudyFlats does not charge students and the service is 100% free. 

We charge our student hall & landlords partners upon successful bookings. Our objective is providing a helpful free service for students. 

Very simple. Browse through our platform and submit your interest and the room or studio you wish to book. You will be assigned to a booking assistant to help you with any questions and the next stages. 

Finding student accommodation

StudyFlat is our unique word for describing any type of housing and accommodation that is for students.

Generally these are either: 1) rooms or studios in private student halls (PBSAs), which are only for students; or 2) rooms/flats rented through a letting agent or private landlord. 

Yes, in most cases both landlords and halls require a security deposit before proceeding with your tenancy agreement and to secure the property. 

This depends. 

If you rent a place from a letting agent, they normally charge an admin fee for setting up a tenancy agreement. However, this will change from June 2019 and letting agencies will no longer charge any fees.

Sure. Just let your booking assistant know which property you would like to do a viewing and they will  help you with arrange one.

Booking & Tenancy Information

A guarantor is a third party, such as a parent or close relative, who agrees to pay your rent if you don’t pay it.

You will need a guarantor if you wish to pay your rent on for example a monthly basis or several instalments. 

Most accommodation providers and landlords require the guarantor to be UK-based although this may vary from place to place. Certain halls may be happy with a guarantor that is based abroad (for example, your parents). 

If you do need a guarantor, let your booking assistant know and we can advice you on what to do. 

Most halls and properties have specific move in dates. In addition, most student rentals tend to be long-term contracts. 

However, this may vary and many properties may have rooms after the academic start dates and for shorter periods of time (e.g. 6 months). 

Most student rental contracts are long-term (between 41 weeks and 52 weeks). However, certain halls may have rooms for shorter periods of time, depending on availability. 

If you need short-term student accommodation, please ask your booking assistant. 

You can pay using your debit/credit card and/or using bank transfer. 

If you are having issues with making a payment to your hall/landlord, let your booking assistant know and we can help.

This depends on the deposit policy of the student hall or property/agent that you are renting from. 

Certain student halls return your deposit/security fee if you cancel due to exceptional circumstances. For example, if you do not make the grades you need for entry into a UK university. 

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