Wanna learn how to deal with a hangover? Here's our guide


For many students, the feeling of being hungover will be a one that they know all too well. You had a few too many the night before and now you’ve woken up feeling absolutely knackered. You’re dehydrated and tired, your head is pounding and you feel sick. 

Hangovers are caused by excessive dehydration caused by drinking alcohol. Most people won’t feel hungover off of two or three drinks, normally people feel hungover when they’ve had several drinks in a short period of time. 

Are you reading this and thinking that you’ve probably had a bit too much to drink? Read on for our best advice on how to deal with a hangover.

Stay hydrated


As a hangover is usually caused by dehydration, the thing that you need to do as soon as possible is rehydrate yourself, and fast. You should aim to drink things that are quite plain, like water, soda water, tea and fruit juices. Be sure not to drink too much of them in one go however, or else you may feel quite ill! It’s best to drink them at a steady pace.

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Take painkillers

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To ease the pain that you’re currently feeling as a result of your actions last night, take some painkillers to try and make yourself feel less ill and sore. Over the counter painkillers like paracetamol, aspirin, and ibuprofen are all you need. The NHS website also suggests taking an antacid to help settle your stomach as well, if you need it.

Eat the right foods


Many people swear by greasy foods the night after a night out, and they’re right to do so. Sugary and carby foods can help you feel a lot better in most cases. If you can’t handle rich or sugary foods at the moment, make sure you eat plain, simple foods such as cerial or toast with butter on. Be careful not to overeat, as this will make you feel even worse.

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These are some ways on how to deal with a hangover


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