Moved to study in a new country but missing home? Here's how to cope with homesickness abroad


Moving to a new city is always a big thing in anybody’s lives, moving to a new country is an even bigger thing! Whilst you may be glad to get away from your home town and even your family, moving away is a big adjustment. Sometimes, the excitement of finding yourself in a new place gives way to feelings of isolation and homesickness.


You may be somewhere new, but your heart lies at home. You may feel like you’re missing out on things happening back home, or that you can’t quite settle into your new place. You may be wishing your friends and family were here to share all these new memories that you’re making by yourself.

Just remember, that there are thousands of people all around you in your situation. Here are some great tips on how to cope with homesickness abroad.

Call home (but not too often)


Just because you’ve moved away doesn’t mean that friends and family aren’t going to pick up the phone or reply to your message. Neither should you avoid keeping in touch with them. Every now and then, be sure to pick up the phone and connect with someone back home. 

Just don’t be ringing them all the time, you may end up worrying the person on the other end of the line! Know when to give yourself and others some space, but still keep in touch.

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Make new friends

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Make sure that you don’t isolate yourself. Make sure that you get out and about and meet new people. You’ll soon find yourself making new friends, many of whom will be in the same situation as you. Though they won’t replace your friends back home, they’ll complement them. You and your new friends will act as your new social and support network, you’ll be able to help one another out and talk about any problems or worries you may be having.

Bring a little bit of home with you


‘You can take the boy/girl out of ____, but you’ll never take the ____ out of the boy/girl’, so the saying goes. You may be far from home, but there is nothing like bringing a few home comforts with you to your new city or country. You could bring a few momentos or items from back home with you. You could even cook some of your favourite dishes from back home, to help you settle into your new one.

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Get out and explore

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You have a whole new city at your feet, get out there and explore it! Make sure you see and do everything your new city has to offer you. With many students regretting not having explored their university cities further, make sure you don’t do the same! It could be as simple as going out for walks on an evening, going for a jog, to attending events put on by your university, especially during Fresher’s week.

In Your Own Time


Getting over and dealing with homesickness isn’t something that is going to happen overnight. You need to understand that it is going to take some time. Just because those around you seem to be doing fine, doesn’t mean that you need to be too.

Everyone adapts at their own pace. You’ll find that you gradually feel less and less homesick as time goes on. Soon, you’ll be wishing you could stay in your new city forever.

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This is how to cope with homesickness abroad


Moving abroad can seem difficult, but there are many ways to cope with homesickness.

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