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Finding the right housemates to live with is important. Get it right, and you’ll all get on like a house on fire. Get it wrong, and your life will be a living nightmare for the rest of the year. In many cases, you’ll find that you’ll have friends who’ll want to live with you, which is great. 

You’ll have the benefit of knowing at least something about the people who you are going to be living with. If you’re not lucky enough to find yourself in such a position, fear not. Read on for our top tips on how to find flatmates.

Ask around


If you’re struggling to find some flatmates for your next flat, ask around. It’s best to ask your friends first if they have any friends who are also in a similar situation. They might be able to point you in the direction of any potential new flatmates. The chances are, if it’s a friend of a friend, that you’ll probably already know them a little bit, which is a bonus.

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Turn to the apps

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These days, there are plenty of apps out there to help you find your next housemates. One of the best known is SpareRoom. Apps and websites like these allow you to sign up, create a profile, and then enter your preferences for your ideal flatmates. This can be things such as whether or not you are happy with living with all girls or boys, whether they smoke or not, things like that. 

These apps are a great way to find and vet potential flatmates if you’re really struggling to find someone to live with. Once you’ve found some new flatmates, you can find your ideal flat on StudyFlats.

Take your time

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Many students make the mistake of rushing to sign up for a house or flat, with people they barely know, in a panic. Don’t fall into the same trap. Like I said before, finding and moving in with flatmates is a decision that you shouldn’t rush into. 

Make sure you get to know any potential flatmates before you all sign on the dotted line for a new property, because if they’re not the ideal flatmate that you had hoped for, chances are you’ll be stuck with them for a year.

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These are some ways on how to find flatmates


Now you know how to find flatmates, you can spend some time finding your accommodation that you will live in when you get to Uni. Here at Studyflats, we can help.  Check out the student accommodation which we have to offer in near your University.

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