Wanna learn how to stay safe on a night out? Here's our guide


Nights out are a big part of the student experience. Going out drinking with your friends is a big part of the social life of many students, but they can quickly turn into dangerous and sometimes frightening situations. Make sure that you avoid any hairy situations and read our top tips on how to stay safe on a night out.

Safety in numbers


Always stay within your friends on a night out. By remaining close to the people you trust and know well, you’ll reduce the risk of being targeted by criminals or those who are far too drunk and could turn nasty at any minute.

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Get a taxi or night bus home

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When traveling on a night out, always book a taxi or get a lift with someone you trust. It’s worth the extra money at the end of the night to get a taxi to take you home safely. If you travel on a night bus, make sure you stay on the bottom deck of the bus, and close to the driver, in case anything happens.

Book with a taxi operator that you know it is reputable and reliable. Black cabs are the only type of taxi that you can hail on the street, unlike all other cabs which must be pre-booked. Be wary of using these as many are unlicensed, and pose a particular risk to those who are travelling alone at night.

Drink in moderation & watch your drink


You already know this one, but try not to go overboard when you go out. Drinking can affect your decision making, which could mean you put yourself in some dangerous situations. Keep a close eye on your drinks and never leave them unattended at any point, so you don’t get your drinks spiked. If you go to the toilet, ask one of your friends to look after it for you.

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Stay in well-lit areas

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If you’re walking home after a night out, always stay in well-lit areas where there are plenty of people. People are less likely to commit crime if there is good lighting, CCTV and people around to see what is happening. Don’t be tempted to take short cuts, especially down dark allies, by canals and rivers or through unlit parks. Stick to the route you know!

Keep valuables hidden


We all like to show off on a night out, but be careful. Keep your mobile phone hidden, as well as your wallet or purse and any cash. People will often have valuables stolen on a night out and if you’re drunk, you are an easier target. Leave anything that’s really expensive at home.

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Keep away from hostile situations

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Don’t be a hero on a night out. If there’s a fight or an argument stay out of it, and get help from bouncers or the police. It’ll not be worth the black eye or even something worse!

These are some ways on how to stay safe on a night out


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