There is plenty to think about when you are heading for university as an international student. However, looking for accommodation in the UK can get a bit confusing for international students. Here at Interhousing, we are aware of that because we’ve lived the student journey too.

We’ve put together our top tips for finding student accommodation in the UK for prospective international students in the UK. 


Always have plenty of information


There is plenty to think about when you’re planning to study abroad. So it makes sense to have all the information that you can about where you are moving too. Try to make your decision on housing as early as you can, as this will make sure that you have one of the key things in place before you move. Make sure you don’t rush the decision as you could end up choosing something that doesn’t match your personal requirements.


If you’re confused about where to start, take a look at our previous blog. 


Ask us


Chances are that you are not going to know the area that you are moving too. Therefore, it makes sense to ask someone else to give you some recommendations. We can help you pin down your housing preferences and remove the stress of not knowing where to live.

Moreover, make sure to have a clear idea about your accommodation preferences. In the past few years, purpose built student accommodation halls (which you can find on our website as “private halls”), have been argued to provide satisfactory living standards for international students.


Find the best property


It is a good idea to always think about what you want from a property early on in the search. An important thing to consider is location. Some properties are near the campus, whereas some are based away from the university complex.

If you are happy to travel in, then you can look for those that are further afield  Always make sure that you consider how good the transport links are and how much in extra costs you will have to pay if you move further out.

Sometimes the saving in rent is not enough to make up for the extra money you need to pay just to get there and back everyday.


You can either start by browsing student halls and flats on our website, or just fill in your details and student accommodation requirements and we’ll get back to you.



If you are still not sure where to start, or what is best, then why not get in touch with us here at Interhousing?

We are more than happy to offer our support and advice, making sure that international students find their perfect accommodation.


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