Students’ expectations have raised significantly when it comes to renting accommodation. But, due to high tuition fees, students require at least optimal comfort of their new living space. Studying and living at some prestigious UK universities become more comfortable and affordable, but in order to achieve this, students have certain demands regarding their accommodation.

  We have listed some of the main features that majority of students look for when looking for privately accommodation. Although some of these may not be applicable to everyone, it is a good way to gain some insight about private housing if you are planning to study abroad in the UK:  

Great location

Majority of students want to be as close as possible to the university. They also want to be in the centre of the action, whether there are nightclubs or shops, sports centres or other amenities. So, when they choose the housing for their fresher year at university, they really care about what’s on the outside.  

Fast internet connection

For students, today, the internet connection is not a luxury. And not just that, the Wi-Fi connection must be fast enough. Students’ complaints about the low speed of internet is very frequent so if it’s hard to stream movies, listen to music or play games, they will not be satisfied.  

Comfortable double bed

Being a student is not easy because many of them have to work besides studying, so having a comfortable bed is very important for a proper rest. It also must be spacious for studying and fun when they need to accommodate some friends invited for a movie marathon.  

Low bills or all-inclusive bills

These demands are also at the top of the list. Students don’t want to worry about unexpected and hidden costs when it comes to their bills. They always want to know the exact amount they pay for it. Research also suggests that all-inclusive rent offers, such as those offered by private student halls, tend to be extremely popular.  

Private bathroom

Waiting in line to use a bathroom can be very unpleasant experience. So having separate and private bathroom gives a complete freedom to students so they can use it anytime they want. This is the key benefit that ensuite rooms within shared flats offer; the students have their own private bathroom whilst having the opportunity to make new friends in shared kitchens.  


As they are one of the most important things for students, TVs are not a luxury anymore. There are many ways of how it’ll be used – from simply watching TV channels to playing games. It’s an essential device for the entertainment of students.  

Customisable rooms

Students like to customise everything according to their needs when they rent an apartment. Arranging their own space helps students to increase their independence.  

Own kitchen

Students with a special needs regarding food, prefer to have their own kitchen where they can prepare meals they like. Having their own kitchen give them the possibility to experiment with their own meals. Moreover, some students personally have a preference for more independence in terms of where they live. With the rise in student accommodation standards, this is a feature that is offered in private studios.   If you are still struggling with making a decision of whether to rent privately or live in university halls, read our previous article evaluating both options or our full housing guide. Alternatively, why not contact us to get free advice about making a choice ? Our service is completely free to full-time students in the UK.

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