Lots of universities have careers services that are specially designed to cater to the needs of their students. This means that they could help you with finding part-time work whilst you are studying, help you find work experience and placements, and help you think about your next steps once you graduate.

Many students know what is out there, but just don’t take advantage of everything the careers service has to offer them. Read our article, and make sure that you do.

Drop-in sessions and appointments

One of the best things about a careers service at university is that they offer students the chance to call in at certain times with any career and work-related queries that they may have. Whether you want to find out a little bit more about what they do or to ask a quick question, advisers are on hand to help you. For more complex queries, or for a more personalised service, they can offer you appointments to give you the time to go through something with an adviser.

Interview and CV advice

Careers services can offer one-to-one advice when it comes to anything to do with interview techniques and CVs. For example, If you have an interview for a job coming up soon, they can support you. This support can be that they can arrange for you to have a mock interview, if you think it will help you. They can also go through common interview questions with you and give feedback on how to excel when it comes to the real thing. They can also help with your CV by reading through it, once you’ve followed our CV tips, and give you feedback on that too.

Networking events

Even in today’s connected world, with networking sites such as Linkedin at your disposal, sometimes there is nothing better than making a face-to-face connection. Careers services can help you with just that. They can put on several networking events throughout the year. Many of these will be tailored to specific courses and career paths, to help you narrow down and focus on which ones you want to attend. If you’ve never been to a networking event before, your advisers will be happy to help you to prepare so you get the most out of these events.

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