For many people, living in student accommodation is their first time living away from home. It’s also probably the first time that they have lived with strangers too. For some, this can be incredibly exciting, meeting and living with new people.


Many people also go on to make friends for life from the people they moved in with at uni. But it’s not always happy families. Sometimes your flatmates can really get on your nerves. One of the more annoying aspects of living in shared accommodation can be noisy flatmates. 

What do you do if you have a flatmate that likes to create a racket? Read on for our guide on dealing with noisy flatmates.

Communication is key

To try and keep the peace, it’s probably best if you have a quiet word with the offending flatmate. Try and keep calm, accusing them of something straight away will only lead to arguments. Avoid leaving passive-aggressive notes on the fridge or talking about them on the group chat, as this will only create more drama.

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Making them aware

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In many cases, the offending flatmate may not be aware of just how noisy they are. They may not realise that the volume on the TV is that loud. They could be practising their guitar at a time that they think no one is in. Just making them aware of the impact that their noisiness is having on you might make them more considerate in the future.

Block it out

This one might be a bit of a flub, but if it is really that bad, think about buying some earplugs. They’ll help you sleep a lot better. This is also ideal if your next-door neighbours are really noisy too. Another way to block it out is to leave the house, why not go for a study break in the library, or perhaps go for a coffee with a friend?

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These are some ways to deal with noisy flatmates


Living with others might not be for everyone, but there are plenty of studio flats and single rooms if you prefer to live on your own. Just think of the peace and quiet! Looking for (quieter) student accommodation? Check out our website for more!

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