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Moving into halls or student accommodation is always exciting, but it can also be quite baffling if you have never lived in them before. There is so much choice, with so many facilities and extras on offer. You’ll have a lot of options to choose from before you find your perfect student flat.


On the whole, student accommodation falls into two categories: private halls and university halls. But what’s the difference between the two? Or is there much difference? Read on to find out more about private halls and accommodation and university ones.

University-owned or managed halls


As the title suggests, these kinds of properties are often owned or managed by your institution. Many university accommodations will be located either on, or very close by campuses. This is ideal for if you want to be close to your place of study. If you have any problems settling in, your university will be there to help support you. 

If you live in a city that has more than one university, you will likely only meet and live with people from your university. Therefore, there is a stronger sense of community. 

University accommodation was traditionally seen as the cheaper, but the less glamorous option, but these days there is accommodation for every price point.

Privately owned or managed halls


These types of halls are owned or ran by private sector owners and landlords, and are not usually affiliated with a particular institution. Many of these properties will be located in prime city-centre locations, meaning that you will not need to travel far.  Of course, there will be some that will be located further out of town. These tend to be cheaper, so that’s something to consider. 

You’ll most likely be living with students from different institutions from around your city, which will be great for making plenty of new friends!  A lot of private halls come with extra facilities, such as gyms, common rooms with TVs and pool tables, even bars and cafes in some!

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