Looking for some quick revision tips? Here's our essential guide


Sometimes, even with the best will in the world, we leave our revision to the last minute. Often, you’re just far too busy with everything else in your life to be revising, and that test you’ve been dreading comes around quicker than you expected.


If you find yourself in this position, don’t worry too much, there is still plenty that you can do to revise. There are loads of quick revision techniques that you can utilise to help make sure that you ace your exams. Read on for some of our best quick revision tips and techniques.

Get up early


This isn’t a revision tip per se, but it is a tip that will help you make the most of what time you have left. Make sure that you get up early enough to be able to cram in all the revision time you need to spend during the day. It’s tempting to have another lie-in, but one day you’ll wake up and there won’t be any time left to study.

Get your study space sorted


If you’re going to be doing some revision in a short space of time, it’s vital that you have your study space all sorted and ready to go. Whether this means getting down to the library early to get your favourite desk, to tidying your room so you can work effectively, it’s important that you get things sorted. Having a supply of your favourite foods and drinks will also help, as you’ll not get distracted by hunger or from wanting to get food.

Use rhymes and songs


This one can be quite tricky, but if you can take your notes and reformat them into something else, it could help you to learn quicker. One way of doing this is by making rhymes and songs out of your notes, using key bits of information. Obviously, these don’t have to be fully realised pop songs, but you may find that they help. Just be sure not to spend too much time trying to rhyme, as you may waste valuable time.

Go over existing notes


If you’re revising, chances are you’ll have plenty of notes to look back on. Try and pick out key pieces of information and present them in a new way by writing them out again, make diagrams, just do something different with your notes. You’ll not be learning anything new this way, just consolidating what you already know. This will help you to remember the main things in your exams, especially if you don’t have a lot of time. 

Use post-it notes


Another way of consolidating your knowledge is to write out any key facts, statistics and theories onto post-it notes and place them all over your house. Be sure to put them in places that you look at or use often, especially any important ones. By just glancing at these notes around the house several times a day, you’ll be learning loads, without even realising that you’re doing it.


You can now revise easier by following our tips. Are you wanting to find and book accommodation just as quick? Check out what we have to offer wherever you are studying.

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