Bristol Student Life

Heading to university in Bristol? Congratulations! You’re about to kick off your student life in one of the coolest cities in the UK. With its buzzing nightlife and wide range of restaurants and shopping areas, Bristol makes a great choice for your university experience.  Current Bristol students, you’ll be able to attest to that!


More and more overseas students are now choosing to study abroad in Bristol. As an international student, it can be a little more tough to decide upon things like student accommodation. So, when you aren’t able to visit the place yourself, how can you really get a feel for which one will make the best home for you?


Whether you’re an international student or not, we can help when it comes to finding your student home. If you’re looking for student accommodation in Bristol, you can use our platform to find the best listings on the student property market.  We offer an extensive list of available accommodation. Moreover, we can also help you in securing your chosen place and working through the contract process.


Browse through our Bristol student accommodation listings and avail all our tips and advice completely for free. We’ve also added plenty of pictures and tours to our listings to help you really get a feel for the place. If you’re an international student, check our virtual tours. These offer you the best possible chance to get up close and personal to your potential new student home. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any surprises upon your arrival. 

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