Stuck between choosing a studio vs ensuite and can’t decide where to live at university? We get it. Studios and ensuite rooms each come with their own pros and cons. In this article, we’ll try to highlight some of them to help you decide between a studio and an ensuite room.

One of the main things that worries evert student, whether home students or internationals, is the question of where to live at university. First of all, let’s define what a studio and what an ensuite is.


Studios are self-contained independent units within a student accommodation complex. You normally have your own private bathroom and kitchen.

Ensuite room

bed and desk and chair in ensuite room in student accommodation block close to Northumbria University Newcastle

Ensuite rooms are rooms within a shared flat between students. In an ensuite room, you have your own private bathroom and share the kitchen and the living room with other students.

Okay so now that we’ve cleared up both studios and ensuite rooms, now let’s talk about studio vs ensuite and the pros and cons of each:


Independence and zero drama

Let’s face it: sometimes it’s just nice to have your own private place. There’s no arguing with other flatmates in a shared student flat over anything and no sharing.

Again, this does depend on the sort of person that you are as well. If you’re 18 and going into your first year at university, you may have less desire for independence than a mature 28-year-old student.

Perfect for mature and graduate students

Studios, due to their independent nature, can be great for mature students. For example, if you’re a Ph.D. student who wants to research most of the day, you’ll find studios can offer you a better environment.


Can be expensive

Studio flats are obviously more expensive than ensuite or standard student rooms. Thus, if you’re on a budget this is something to consider.


basic privacy

Having your own bathroom is a great advantage. This is because many people consider the bathroom to be a very private aspect of their student home. Ensuite rooms are great as they come with a private bathroom.

Reasonable pricing

Ensuite rooms are budget-friendly if you’re looking for lower rents. In contrast to studios, for example, ensuite rooms can be more affordable.


Sure, you may not always be in the mood for a conversation with your flatmate in the kitchen. But let’s face it: sharing a kitchen with other students when you have an ensuite room has that social aspect to it.

If you’re on the shy side and/or it’s your first time going to university then ensuite rooms could be a great option for you. Plus, for many people, the question of where to live at university or college is mainly based on the social aspects.


Less privacy than a studio

If you fall into the group of students/people who prefer to have the whole place to themselves, then maybe sharing in this sense could be a con for you.

Problem flatmates

Most of the time this does not happen and students get along well. However, it could be a possibility that you may have issues such as noise. In fact, check out our previous article on dealing with noisy flatmates covering this issue.

Studio vs Ensuite: your thoughts?

Hopefully, by now, you have a better idea of a studio vs ensuite comparison in your quest of where to love at university or college. If you still need help with finding student accommodation, why not check out our Student Housing Guide or the guide by UniGuide?

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