Thinking about studying abroad in Ireland this semester? If you are, Dublin is the place you need to be. This iconic city has so much to offer international students and you’re sure to have the time of your life here.

Dublin is the perfect place to spend your university years and we can promise that you won’t regret it. Everything from the amazing pubs, the great ‘craic’, the incredible history and so much more means that there’s endless fun to have here.

Need more convincing? Read on for our 5 reasons you need to study abroad in Dublin.

1. Great Universities

One of the best reasons to consider studying abroad in Dublin is because it is home to some very prestigious universities. Trinity College and University College Dublin are just two examples of institutions that provide world-renowned education to students all around the world.

Famous alumni from these universities include Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and a range of Nobel Prize laureates, so you know you’ll receive a world-class education here.

2. The People

Another great reason to come to Dublin to study abroad is for the people themselves. Irish are known to be some of the most welcoming and friendliest people in the world, and they will welcome you with open arms.

You’ll quickly learn about the good craic here and have a great friend group in no time. Knowing that a city has some amazing welcoming people in it can make the transition period much easier.

3. The Culture and History

Dublin is a city with a rich culture and fasctiating history behind it. It’s brimming with castles, Gothic and Georgian architecture, and there’s a story on every street corner.

All year round you’ll find lots of parades, festivals and many more special events to celebrate. On top of that, there are plenty of art galleries and museums for you to check out and learn so much more about this amazing city.

4. The Food

If there’s one city that knows how to put on a good spread, it’s Dublin. Whether you want to try out some hearty traditional Irish dishes such as a Dublin Coddle or an Irish stew, or any other international cuisines, you’ll find it all here.

It may be an expensive city, but keep an eye out for where the locals eat and you’re sure to find some delicious and affordable meals.

5. The Nature

Despite being a capital city, Dublin is also a very green city with plenty of nature spots to enjoy. Enjoy a peaceful stroll through Iveagh Gardens or Blessington Street Basin. Take a picnic and some friends and enjoy a sunny day at St. Stephen’s Green, and get your hiking boots on for an adventure up to the Dublin Mountains.

Getting out into the incredible nature will show you the true beauty of Ireland and it will inspire you to get out there and see as much of the country as you can.

You Need to Study Abroad in Dublin

Now that you know the reasons you need to study abroad in Dublin, it’s time to take the leap and just go for it! You won’t regret your choice to come here and you’re sure to enjoy every last second of university life here.

Need to find student accommodation in Dublin? We’ve got you covered, so get in touch with us and we can help you find your new home.

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