Considering doing a masters and wondering what the most employable masters degrees UK wide are? Here's our guide


Competition for jobs in the UK is fierce, and having a degree that makes you more employable can really help give you a competitive advantage. By doing a Masters degree, you can make yourself even more employable and stand out from the crowd further.


We’ve done a bit of research into the ten most employable masters degrees, based upon the Complete University Guide’s rankings. You should try and choose a degree that helps give you an edge over other candidates. If you’re looking for the ten most employable undergraduate degrees, be sure to check out our other article.  The following are the most employable masters degrees UK wide.

1. Education - 93% Employability


Teachers are always in demand, and will most likely be forever. Recruitment of teachers is stable and is expected to stay that way. You’ll need a postgraduate degree in teaching in order to be able to teach. There are so many levels at which you could teach, as well as an endless amount of specialisms. Studying a Master’s in education is a wise choice, with a whopping 93% rating.

Image of a teacher and student at board on most employable masters degrees uk

2. Combined - 90% Employability

Image of a cartoon graduate on most employable masters degrees uk

Combined subjects are another good choice when it comes to employability. When you study more than one subject together, you immediately make yourself more attractive to prospective employers. You have shown yourself to be flexible and adaptable, with a wide range of skills. With a 90% employability rate, you’re bound to go far with a combined course.

3. Architecture, Building & Planning - 82% Employability


Architecture is another one of those demanding degrees. They can marry together studying arts, maths, technology and sciences all in one, drawing upon a variety of specialisms. The scale and scope of the roles that architects play in modern life are huge, with plenty of roles to go around. Doing a masters in any of these will also benefit you, with an 82% employability rate.

Image of architecture sheets on most employable masters degrees uk

4. Subjects Allied to Medicine - 81% Employability

Image of a medicine lab assistant on most employable masters degrees uk

Featuring higher than medicine and dentistry in this article, subjects allied to medicine are also likely to have high levels of employability. Degrees such as neuroscience and biomedicine fall in this category. With many of these degrees, there is ample opportunity to convert to studying medicine as well. With a respectable 81% employability rate, there is no reason not to!

5. Veterinary Science - 79% Employability


They may be long courses, most veterinary BSCs are five to six years in length, but you can find a lot of specialisms in them, as well as a lot of work. If you love animals, these are the courses for you. Veterinary science is a subject well worth studying. The employability rate is not too shabby either, at 79%.

Image of kitten and vet on most employable masters degrees uk

6. Medicine & Dentistry - 76% Employability

Image of a dentist posing on most employable masters degrees uk

Shockingly, postgraduate courses in medicine and dentistry don’t make the top of this list. Still, medicine and dentistry courses are an attractive prospect. Fear not though, as there is always a need for more doctors and dentists. With the NHS being such a major employer in this sector, you are bound to find a role with a 76% employability rate.

=7. Engineering & Technology - 73% Employability


The world will always need engineers, meaning that you’ll always be in demand. People will always be trying to solve the problems of the future. Engineering is such a broad subject, meaning that there is ample opportunity to branch out and specialise. With this in mind, you still have a good chance of finding a job in a timely manner, with a 73% employability rate.

Image of an engine closeup on most employable masters degrees uk

=7. Computer Science - 73% Employability

Image of code on most employable masters degrees uk

In an ever digital world, courses like computer science are becoming ever more important. Virtual reality and artificial intelligence are fast-growing areas of the computing world. With this in mind, there is a lot of competition for jobs in this market, with a 73% employability rate.

=9. Mass Communication & Documentation - 72% Employability


We live in a mass-media world, TV, Film and Music are all around us. Persons with these sorts of degrees help us to understand what is going on and make sense of the world around us. Whilst some may go into journalism and mass media, graduates of these disciplines are in hot demand across all aspects of business and industry, with a still-respectable 72% employability rate.

Image of film clapperboard on most employable masters degrees uk

=9. Business & Administrative Studies - 72% Employability

Image of man in a suit adjusting his on most employable masters degrees uk

Business is big business. Businesses need graduates in all aspects of business and administrative studies. Expect to find yourself in all sorts of roles, from finance, IT, marketing, sales, economics, human resources and so much more. Because of this broad range of sectors, you have a fairly good chance for finding yourself a job, with a 72% employability rate.

These are the most employable masters degrees UK wide


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