Looking to go travelling? Here are five of the best travel apps for students


As a student, there are so many opportunities to go travelling and see the world, as well as the rest of the UK. With so many discounts and deals available to you as well, there’s never been a better time in your life to see the world. To simplify your travelling experience, there is all number of apps and websites out there. We’ve put together a list of our top five student travel apps, check it out below.


Skyscanner is a great place to start if you’re looking for flights. The app will help you find flights at the best price. Not only this but they also compare thousands of deals on things like hotels and car hire. Not too bothered about a specific date? Skyscanner will show you the cheapest times of the year to travel, ideal for if you’re wanting to get maximum bang for your buck.


If you’re travelling around the UK by rail, the Trainline app is the one for you. Not only will you be able to book and compare train tickets in one place, you’ll also be able to store your tickets on your phone. Ideal for if you don’t have time to get to a ticket office or machine to print them out! They also offer a similar service for bus and coach tickets, keeping everything in one handy place.



Move over GPS and traditional addresses, what3words is here! Let friends and family know where you are, wherever you are in the world by downloading what3words. Each three metre square on the map is assigned its own random set of three words. This is ideal if you’re not quite sure of a foreign address in a format that you’re not used to. 

Also, if you need the help of the emergency services whilst you’re away, you can give them your current three-word address so they can locate you quickly.


STA Travel have long been the go-to place for students and young people to book their next adventure, and with their app, it’s never been easier. Search and book your next trip straight from the app, and then take it with you on your travels. Store and manage all your bookings in one place when you travel, you can even check your funds and add funds to your STA travel cash card, great for budgeting!


Google Translate is one of those apps that’s been around for a long time now, but it does come in very handy. No longer is it an inaccurate translation service, Google Translate is a great app for travelling with. Don’t understand what a sign says? You can simply point your camera at it and google translate will translate it into your language for you.

You can even speak into the app and it will translate you, or someone else. You don’t even need to have a signal in most cases.

These are our top five student travel apps


We’ve shown you what we think are some of the handiest apps to have with you when you are out travelling the world, with these apps, your travelling experience is bound to go smoothly.

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