Exams are a big part of university life and studies. Don’t let the stress of revising for them get on top of you. Follow our tips and get the most out of your revision sessions.

Make a revision plan

Much like your timetable, our first tip for revision is to make a revision plan. A revision plan can help to keep you focused and on track with your studies. If you schedule a certain time and day for your revision, you may find that you are much more committed to revising. Revising at the same time each day can also help, as you’ll find it easier to stick to a schedule, as opposed to revising as and when you feel like it. A little self-discipline will help you go a long way. Of course, schedule in regular breaks as part of your revision plan, to make sure you stay on track.

Decide what you’re going to focus on

This will not only benefit your revision planning, but also help you to focus on areas where you don’t feel particularly confident with. Also, it’ll help to try and think about what kind of topics might come up in your exams or assessments, allowing you to focus upon them a bit more. Of course, make sure that you plan to cover a bit of everything, just in case that topic you weren’t expecting comes up in your exams!

Find out what works best for you

You know best how you work. Perhaps you prefer to work from home, you might prefer to force yourself into the library in order to focus on what you’re doing. Only you know how to best work, and what successful revision is to you. Think about also how you prefer to learn, do you prefer to learn by listening to lectures, watching videos online, or making notes from books and other written material. You might revise best by working in a group with some friends or coursemates.

These are some of our top revision tips

Above all, make sure you stay calm and relaxed. With these revision tips, you’ll be able to maximise your ability to revise, and hopefully avoid the last minute ‘cramming’ that so many students often resort to. Good luck!

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