Before we get onto UK guarantor for international students. Well done on your admission into a university in the UK! You’re ready to experience student life in one of the most vibrant student friendly countries. You’re ready to meet your new flatmates that you’re going to live with for the upcoming year. Live in your cool and stylish student accommodation. 

However there’s just one problem. You haven’t actually moved into your student accommodation yet. All because that stylish student accommodation that you’re hoping to move into are asking for a guarantor. But what is a guarantor?

Acquiring a UK guarantor for international students can be quite tricky. Like UK students they require a guarantor too. But lucky for them they’re much easier to find one. Since, well, they’re from the UK and they can easily get one from their family members. But before we get into all of that let’s explain what a guarantor is:

What is a Guarantor?

Well in simple terms; a guarantor is a person or organisation who is liable to pay your rent if you can’t. Obviously you have to notify your guarantor and they have to agree. Your guarantor also has to at least 18 years old, have a good credit score and in most cases to be earning a certain limit. Usually around 3 times more than the monthly rent. Unfortunately you will be required to provide a UK guarantor in order to progress your student accommodation application further. If you are struggling to find one, then don’t worry too much since they are services you can turn to.

Okay, so how do I get one?

signing a uk guarantor for an international student

If you’re lucky enough to manage to get a UK guarantor, then you don’t need to worry too much. Just simply ask your guarantor to sign any legal documents required for you to smoothly transition into your new student home. 


However, if you’re one of the unfortunate many who aren’t able to find a UK guarantor, well, I’ve got good news! There are services out there who act as a UK guarantor for international students, for the price of a small fee. There is no definitive fee that applies to all, so you might want to do some digging around and see what you can find. They’re easy enough to find on the internet and safe. Just make sure that you are using a real one that provides this service. Furthermore, some universities may provide a similar service to this. So contact your university if you haven’t already, and ask about what services like this they can provide. 


The final option is to not have one at all. So why write this article then you ask. Well because in these cases you will be asked to pay for the years rent in one single upfront payment. This is obviously an expensive payment. But if you can afford this, then you don’t need to worry yourself about a guarantor. 

UK Guarantor for International Students

We understand that it can be quite difficult to get one. But once you do and start to settle down into your new stylish student flat, you’l be able to sit back, relax and start worrying about more important things. Such as which posters you need to buy for your room. If you’re struggling for ideas on how to decorate your room, then check out our blog post on how to decorate your university room.

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