Do you know what to pack when studying abroad? Here's our Study Abroad Packing List UK Guide


Going to study abroad is an exciting prospect for many. It may feel like a holiday, an extended holiday. But remember that you’re going away to study, and that you will have to spend an extended period of time living there. So, you will need to pack wisely! 

Struggling to think of what you might need? Never fear, here is our guide to all the essentials you will need when deciding what to take on your study abroad packing list .


You’re going to need quite a few clothes to keep you well dressed in your new place of study. You’ll need to also think about the kind of climate that your new home has, if it’s colder you’ll need more warm clothes and coats. 

Be sure to pack plenty of underwear and socks, as well as good basics that you can wear every day, in every situation, and with anything. This way, you’ll ensure that you don’t try and pack your whole wardrobe. You can always buy more things when you get there.

Image of a pile of different coloured trousers on what to pack when studying abroad

Medication and toiletries

Image of tablets on what to pack when studying abroad

Although you will be able to get a lot of these when you arrive, it’ll be handy if you take any medications and toiletries you need with you, just until you get all set up and settled in.

In the case of medication, make sure you bring enough to keep you well for a while, until you sign up for a new doctor in your destination country. Bringing letters and prescriptions form your current doctor or medical practitioner will also be helpful too.

Important documents

As well as any prescriptions or medical letter, be sure to pack with you any important travel and identity documents with you. Don’t pack these into your hold luggage, as you may struggle if your bag goes missing during your travels.

Always pack important items like documentation in your hand luggage, and keep your bag with you at all times.

Image of a checklist on what to pack when studying abroad

Study aids

Image of a laptop, pen, notepad and a phone on what to pack when studying abroad

You’re going away to study, so you’re going to have to bring the tools you need to actually get the job done. You’ll need to pack your laptop, along with your charger, to get things done. Don’t worry too much about taking stationery with you, as you can more than likely get this when you arrive in your host country. 

Whilst this one isn’t a study aid, it could be classed as a study abroad aid, don’t forget to take your camera to capture every moment of your epic journey!


Now you know what to pack when studying abroad, you can spend some time finding your accommodation that you will live in when you get there. Here at Studyflats, we can help.  Check out the student accommodation which we have to offer in near your University.

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