Why is it important to stay healthy as a student? Our guide for students


It is important that you do everything you can in order to stay healthy as a student. University can take a toll on anyone’s health, be it the dreaded fresher’s flu, or something self-inflicted caused by too many takeaways or nights out. Your health can have a massive impact on your experience at university, as well as your studies.

It might seem difficult to keep on top of at first, but you should soon get the hang of things. You might be asking yourself why is it important to stay healthy at university? Read on to find out.

It helps you to study better


If you’re keeping healthy, it will have a positive impact on your studies. If you’re managing to eat well, exercise a little and get enough sleep, the chances are that you’ll be able to work in seminars and study for assessments and exams much easier. You probably know how hard it is to study when you’re ill or hungover and will know that it is not a nice feeling, and that it can have a real impact on your studies.


If you’re run-down or ill most of the time, the chances are that you will be less likely to get out and about, attend lectures or visit the library to study. It can be all too easy to just stay in the house. But staying in and not doing anything can wreak havoc on your routine. If you have no structure in your day, you will find it very hard to focus effectively and get things done. Try and make yourself get into a routine, you’ll find that it’ll do you wonders.


By eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep and getting yourself into a routine, you’ll find that you will often be in a good mood. If you’re doing all of this, you’re also more likely to maintain good relationships with family and friends, again boosting your mood. Yes, it is difficult, and sometimes there are obstacles in your way, but keeping as healthy as you can have a meaningful impact on your mood.

Why is it important to stay healthy as a student? Answered


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