If you’re at university in the UK, you’ll know that it isn’t always the cheapest here. With bills, high tuition fees, and some expensive cities, the costs can all rack up. It’s time to get a job.

Plenty of students get part-time jobs to help them through their studies, and it can be a great way to get some employment experience and learn valuable skills. But not all jobs are worth doing, and you should always do your research before you accept them.

There are some companies that prey on inexperienced students and people who may be in vulnerable financial situations. Here are a few jobs you need to avoid as a student in the UK.

MLM Scams

The chances are, you’ve already seen people involved with MLM scams on your Facebook feed. Often, they are trying to sell their weight-loss products or cosmetics, claiming they’re running their own business all through social media and bragging about how much money they make.

Don’t fall for them. Many of these people have fallen victim to an MLM, or multi-level marketing, scam. These kinds of companies often target students who want a flexible work schedule and promise they will be making lots of money in no time.

In reality, people in these scams lose a lot more money than they make and can sometimes ruin lives. Stay on the lookout and avoid them at all costs.

Internships or Jobs That Don’t Pay

Many people at university try to find an internship position through the summer or part-time throughout the semester to gain valuable connections and industry experience. But make sure to do your research before you say yes.

If a company is offering what looks like your dream internship, but it doesn’t actually pay, think twice about it. If it were a reputable company, they would be paying their interns. You can’t very well live on fresh air and chances are they are only hiring unpaid interns to save money on hiring actual staff.

It’s not worth your time and energy in the long run and may end up being more trouble than it’s worth

They Want You to Pay for Training

There are some jobs scams that will tell you that there’s a vacancy for a job you’ve applied for, but you will need to pay for the training. They might even tell you that your money will be returned to you after your training, but don’t fall for it.

These scams will take your money and leave you high and dry – no good company will charge you for training. If you get an offer like this, walk far away from it and don’t look back.

They Want You to Skip Uni Classes

When you get a part-time job at university, you should have told them that you are currently studying and they should be willing to accommodate your uni schedule.

But if you get a job that expects you to treat it like a full-time job or as your number one priority, it’s a bad sign. You are working to support your studies, not the other way around. Don’t let your part-time job interrupt your university work.

If a job expects you to drop your university work and punishes you for not taking on extra shifts instead, walk away from it. Uni is far more important right now and your part-time job should never be your main focus.

Their Postings Don’t Seem Legit

If you’re applying for jobs and see a job posting that doesn’t look right, don’t apply. If it looks too good to be true, or if it’s riddled with spelling errors and grammatical mistakes, don’t trust it.

A reputable company will have someone proofreading their job postings. If they offer lots of money for little work and no experience, there’s a huge chance that it’s a scam. They aren’t worth the potential headache so just scroll on and forget all about it.

These Are the Jobs You Need to Avoid As a Student in the UK

We all end up working at jobs we don’t like, and sometimes we just need to get on with it to pay the bills and gather some savings. But there are some jobs that aren’t worth the hassle and could be way more trouble than they’re worth.

These are just a few examples of part-time jobs you need to avoid as a student in the UK. They could leave you out of pocket and leave a sour taste in your mouth too. Avoid these kinds of jobs at all costs and do your research into the company before you accept any position.

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