Worried about how to avoid common housing issues that students comes across while renting his dream house in UK? Literally, those nasty surprises ruin the mood and put your efforts of rental house hunting on the backburner. Even worse, if you figure out those issues with housing after moving in, it will make your life hell. So, the only escape to this problem is to precisely view a student house before renting and never rush into things.

But the next question that pops up is that what issues you should check beforehand while renting a student private house. Check out below to know the issues to watch out while finding student rental and what to do to be on a safe side:

1) Damp Issues

Damp could catch you by surprise if you haven’t noticed it on your first visit before booking the house. You live with the damp a few days and see allergies making your life hell. But this issue is found more in student houses which are less supervised and maintained.

What to Do? : You should take damp issues seriously and look for its signs even if landlord rules out its presence. It’s more of a serious health concern, so rely on none but a precise self-inspection that should have each nook and corner of home covered. Inspect wardrobes and bathroom to see if there is any presence of black mould patches or musky smell.


2) Annoying Pests

Living with those nasty pests might not be your thing but they caught many by surprise. Those crawling creatures could be anything from cockroaches to bedbugs. They are the ones who give sleepless nights and even give you skin rashes. Unfortunately, many homeowners tend to hide up infestation issues. But you could play safe if you know the signals or trails that these pests leave and often indicate infestation.

What to Do? : Look for the food spills on the corners of the room and in the kitchen cupboards. Watch out the nasty droppings that rats leave all the way. Don’t be afraid to ask the previous tenants about infestation if you find something that needs attention.


3) Security and Safety

Security is the biggest concern for any international student living in UK. Since you would be living on your own, safety issues shouldn’t be compromised, no matter what. Therefore, it is important that you discuss any concerns that you may have regarding security with either your hall manager or landlord.

What to Do? : It’s good to do a little bit homework about safety issues before finalising the vicinity to live near your university centre. The home you are renting must have working burglar theft alarms and secured windows to raise alarm if the need arises. These are instances of matters that you can enquire about before deciding on the student property that wish to live in.


The Final Takeaway

Renting a private student accommodation comes with lots of checks and cross-checks to which you can’t put your deaf ear. No doubt, private housing rentals give you a lifetime chance to experience international living while staying like a local in UK but you should pick them wisely. A little negligence could put you locked for months in a middle of a contract. However, booking those student accommodations through a leading student housing rental portal ensures that you don’t meet these nasty surprises later. All homes listed on these platforms are verified closely to give a peace of mind to those international students who are looking for a home away from their home. Book a reasonable student housing now.

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