Have you tried but failed to secure a place in your university’s student halls? Don’t worry, you are not alone. In fact, many international students who get admitted to UK universities go through this dilemma every academic year. Of course, you are not an exception but that doesn’t mean the end of the world. Still, there is one more viable option around, private accommodation, which outshines the other option of living in university halls.

The option of private rentals is just great for you if you are looking:


To Be Social And Meet People From All Walks of Life

Love being social or living with a typical UK family that lets you be familiar with UK’s local culture? Especially, when you have just stepped out of your country and have no exposure to international living, renting a private accommodation in your university’s neighbourhood makes a sense. But unfortunately, the university halls limit your social circle to your classmates only. On the contrary, private renting comes with a handful of benefits.

If you choose to live outside your university, you will meet people from all walks of life. With over 270 nationalities living in London alone, occasional encounters with interesting persons are likely to be. That’s the perk of exploring beyond university walls that you will appreciate.


To Control Your Spending Without Compromising Living

Thinking that living in university halls would be cheaper for you as an international student? That’s all a myth. No doubts, upfront deposits might cost you little less than private rentals but in the long-term private accommodations seem to be much cheaper. Wondering why? This is because you can control the energy bills as per your need, split living costs by inviting other classmates to live with you and even choose private accommodation in university’s vicinity to save transportation cost. You pay what you use, simple as that.


To Explore Beyond University Walls And Keep Nuisances Away

University accommodations come with a downside that almost every student living in halls experiences. For instance, you might not have a sofa or TV in your university hall that makes life boring at times. No matter how co-operative you roommates are, you always come across rowdy students that kill your interest in studies. At times, you might feel like a lack of privacy in those shared university spaces. But private rentals don’t give you such nasty surprises after you move in. It’s more of a homely experience that gives you a better control on privacy and avoids unpleasant experiences. You can study or move out with little restrictions that make life easier.

The Final Takeaway

So, let’s get back to the question! Private rentals or university halls? What’s your take? Obviously, after getting familiar with so many benefits of private rentals over university accommodations, it’s no more a secret that private accommodations take the leap. It’s more or less like living in your own home that has a room for privacy and keeps your life away from the nuisances that come with the hostel living. Private renting gives you more freedom to compliment your student life and this is the best option around for international students. Just make sure that you connect with the right student housing booking platform to connect with possibilities.


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