Want to take some day trips from Glasgow? Here's our guide


Glasgow, a historic marine and industrial city, located in the west of Scotland is a must-visit travel destination for millions each year. Many people also make the move up to Glasgow on a more permanent basis. In the past, this great city was known for its shipbuilding industry, as well as its Victorian and art nouveau architecture, a symbol of the city’s wealth. 

Today, it is the cultural capital of Scotland, with an unrivalled music and arts scene. For those of you not too interested in culture, there are plenty of world-class shopping experiences and destinations for you to choose from. But there’s also so much more to do just outside of the city boundaries.

Check out some day trips from Glasgow that students like yourself could take.

Loch Lomond


We couldn’t write an article about day trips from Glasgow without mentioning the stunning Loch Lomond. This stunning lake is the Biggest in Britain, and you could spend days in and around the surrounding national park if you wanted. This is definitely a place for lovers of the outdoors to get lost in for a few hours. Plus, it’s easy to reach from Glasgow, with the train journey only taking around 45 minutes.

Image of boat on loch lomond on day trips from glasgow


Image of edinburgh waverley on day trips from glasgow

Edinburgh, the stunning and historic capital of Scotland, is a must-visit for absolutely anyone and everyone. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK, and rightfully so. Edinburgh is where the old medieval clashes with the new, grand Georgian. The coming together of two parts of the city makes for a unique experience. It will almost feel as though you are visiting two separate cities in one day. Edinburgh is only one hour away by train.



Stirling is a charming historic city in central Scotland, with a breathtaking historic core set in front of the stunning Stùc a’ Chroin mountain. The city dates back to the 12th century, meaning that there is a lot of history to be explored. The city is also a popular university city, so there is loads for students to do too. Stirling is only a half-hour train journey from Glasgow.

Image of stirling castle on day trips from glasgow

These are some day trips from Glasgow that you might want to take


Do these travel destinations make you want to make Glasgow your new home even more? If the answer to that question was yes, then be sure to find your next place in Glasgow via our website.

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