If you’ve just confirmed your place at university or recently gone through the stressful clearing process on trying to find a last-minute course available that’s suitable for you. It’s best now to turn your attention and look for suitable student accommodation.

However, because it’s taken you a while to be confirmed onto a course at university, so you’ve put off trying to find student accommodation. In this time everyone has booked up and there’s not many rooms left. If you’re in this position, then read on.

Don’t Panic but Act Fast

Firstly, try not to panic too much because there will be student accommodation out there for you. You’re not going to be homeless. Admittedly, the specific room you want may not be available, so the best option for you to do at this moment is ring up the university and ask about any available rooms at the accommodation you would like to live in. Remember do this as soon as possible, there will plenty of other people in a similar position, vying for the same rooms.

Look Around

If you weren’t successful previously, then it’s best to know your options. Also be aware of the deadlines the university on-campus student accommodation. Realise your budget what you can afford too. Make a list of the places that are suitable to you and give them a call. 

Look Further Afield

At this point you either may still not be successful, your university doesn’t manage on-campus student accommodation or just prefer not to live on-campus. You can find hundreds of private accommodation rooms here with StudyFlats. We list the best private student accommodation across the UK. Just search for the city you’re looking to live in and check out the rooms available. Contact us and we’ll arrange a viewing for you. 

Here’s How to Find Last Minute Student Accommodation

I know it’s easier said than done but try not to go into panic mode. They’re plenty of options and we’re always here to help with any questions or queries you may have

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