Wanna learn some money saving travel tips all students must know? Our guide


Being a student, you’ll probably spend a lot of your time travelling, be it travelling from your flat to uni for a lecture, getting a taxi into town for a night out, or further beyond. A few times a year, you’ll probably be visiting family and friends at home by train or plane. Even for the savviest of students, the cost of travel can really take its toll on their purses. 

Fear not, there are plenty of money saving travel tips to help you get as much for your money as possible.



Buses are a cheap, reliable and frequent way to get around town. Bus companies often offer bus passes designed for students at a bargain price. You’ll need to have your student ID to hand when you use your ticket. Such passes are a great buy, as you can save a significant amount compared to buying a standard fare or pass.



For trips further out of town or between cities, coaches are a great mode of money saving travel for students. Companies like National Express and Megabus both offer a student discount on their already low fares. If you’re on a really tight budget, Megabus is the cheaper of the two options and is a firm favourite amongst students.



If you’re running late for a lecture or you’re heading for a night out on the town, taxis are the best option for getting somewhere quickly, especially if you do not own a car.

Each town and city has its own taxi operators, so you’ll need to find out which one is the cheapest for you. Another great money saving travel tip is to download the Uber app. Uber is a great way to get around and is often cheaper than conventional taxis.



Rail travel can be expensive at the best of times. If you can, try and book your tickets in advance to save money. To make your money go further, consider purchasing a railcard. There are two main railcards, the 18-25 railcard (here’s our guide) and the recently introduced 26-30 railcard

For £30 a year, both offer savings of one third off the cost of tickets. Be careful though, if you don’t have your railcard with you when you travel on a cheaper ticket, you could be fined, making your cheap fare less of a great deal.



For flights, there isn’t really that much out there in terms of discounts for students, but one of the best ways to save money is to simply compare flights and shop around. Booking in advance can bring big savings also. 

Another top tip is to try and be flexible on your dates. For example, do you really need to fly on a Friday, when people are heading off for the weekend, or can you fly on a Thursday instead? These little tweaks will help your money go that little bit further.

These are some money saving travel tips students must know


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